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Magnetic Filter

The magnetic filter is mainly used in separation of liquid medium containing fineness ironcomponents, so as to achieve the required process requirements of liquid medium.

In the liquid slurry process, liquid through the filter, the magnetic effect by strong magnet, ironimpurities are adsorbed on the magnetic rod casing, greatly reducing the iron impurity in liquidslurry, ensure the next procedure can effectively control the iron impurity content. Widely used inpharmaceutical, chemical, iron filtration to remove food, cosmetics, ceramics, battery, abrasives,pigment, metallurgical industry.

The magnetic filter produced by our company, using rare earth alloy as NdFeB magnetic source,long service life, no energy consumption, no pollution, simple structure, convenient use, magnetic system all the grid type arrangement, the strong magnetic regions can be fully utilized, multilayer design, layers of filtration, removal of iron is more thorough, more effective. Specification in accordance with the requirements of customers customized, and can be used in the magnetic filterwith filter bag, filter net, iron removal, filtration and complete.

The main material of SS304 SS316L

Magnetic strength 8000GS-12000GS

Sealing gasket nitrile rubber PTFE

Bolt nut 316L 304

The working temperature of 5 ~ 150 


Connection flange screw clamp

GB HG JIS ANSI DIN standard flange

Nominal pressure 0.6/1.0/1.6/2.5MPA

Manufacturing standards HGJ532-91 GB150-98