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       Performance characteristics


The 1 set of adsorption, filtration, interception, catalytic role in the one.

2 acid, alkali, salt and different organic solvents.

3 high filtration precision, large flow rate, pressure difference, high compressive strength, pollutant carrying capacity, non-toxic and tasteless, no two pollution.


        Main technical parameters

Working pressure: 0.1 - 0.2kgf/cm
The maximum pressure: 7kgf/cm
The maximum pressure drop: 4kgf/cm
The maximum operating temperature: 60 degrees
The maximum flow rate: 8L/min (differential pressure 0.15kgf/cm, 10 inch)
The specific surface area of 800~1000 square meters: /g
Core diameter: 65mm
Core diameter: 30mm
The filter length: 10, 20, 30, 40 inch
The iodine adsorption value: 900mg/g
Benzene adsorption capacity: 20-25%
Methylene blue adsorption value: 13-16ml/g
The removal rate of COD: 58.25%
Residual chlorine removal rate: >=96.83%


        Main uses

1, can be widely used for pure water, semiconductor, electroplating line, printed circuit board,compressed air, gas filter.
2 chemical, petrochemical: solvent, coating, the magnetic slurry, detergent, liquid paraffin.
3 pharmaceutical industry: hospital water, pharmaceutical injection, Zhongfu liquid etc..
4 the food industry: food, beverages, drinking water, wine and so on.



        PE/PA microporous tube filter
PE sintered filter using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sintering, compact structure,strong, lightweight, can withstand the high filtration pressure, non-toxic and tasteless, has good corrosion resistance to acid alkali solvent.

Mainly used for precision filtering liquid solid separation. Disposable filter 0.2 ~ 50 micron material,the gas solid liquid viscosity, fine, turbidity, slurry, draining the filtering problem, can achieve theideal filtering effect. Uniform pore size, microfiltration tube of high precision, minimum filter particles of 0.2 μ m, the filtering effect of impurity particles greater than 99%

Filter resistance increased slowly, through regeneration can be used for a long time, high mechanical strength, not easy to damage, long service life, microfiltration tube regenerationavailable "gas water mixed fluid" for rapid regeneration of microfiltration tube, will plug in themicroporous particles capillary hole wall by reverse blowing down, after the positive, reverse wash inrunning.

        Performance characteristics

1, high filtration precision: make the liquid-solid filtering, minimum filter 0.2um around the particle, asgas solid filtering, minimum filter 0.1um around the particle filtering rate 99.9%.
2, high regeneration efficiency: the recoil gas-liquid simple backblowing can will be clogged microporous tube regeneration high-efficient and fast, when the filter is used for a period of time,can be used to make chemical regeneration method, longer service life of filter tube.
The performance of 3, chemical corrosion resistance advantages: microporous tube resistance to various acid, alkali, salt and most of the organic solvent, non-toxic, tasteless, no foreign bodystripping, very suitable for medicine, food, chemical industry, environmental protection industry.
4, material: high sub polyethylene as the main material, material with GMP, FDA requirements.Without the use of adhesive, with broad chemical compatibility.
5, structure: the scientific formula and sintering under high temperature, and the same element aperture, easy to recoil slag removal.

        Main technical parameters


Working temperature: ≤ 90 (c)

Maximum differential pressure: 0.4 (MPa)

Filtering accuracy: 0.22, 0.45, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 m (UM)

Working pressure: 0.1MPa-0.6MPa

Filter size: 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch, 60 Inch

Interface size: M36, M30, M22, M14

Core diameter: 31 students, 38 students, 50 students, 65 students, 85 students


        Main uses

Pharmaceutical industry: carbon filter and large infusion of water needle, pharmaceutical intermediates; fermentation liquid, oral liquid, bio pharmaceuticals, traditional Chinese medicinefilter;
Chemical industry: de carbon filtration, aluminum hydroxide, alumina, palladium catalyst, filtering and washing of fluorescent powder, zinc carbonate, sodium carbonate, barium sulfate, zinc sulfide,cadmium sulfide etc.;
Winemaking: beer, wine, liquor, such as Wine filter;
Electroplating liquid filtration;
Precision filter cleaning liquid in internal combustion engine;
Oil wash water filter;
Electronic industrial ultra pure water filtration plant system.