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 Tube wire stainless steel (screen)

Wire wrapped screen is widely used in oil, gas, water and sand industry, resin capture, various water filtering pipe is used in the filter element for a wide range of one. The products consist of trapezoidal wire winding on the circular circular permutations of a set of longitudinal support bar is welded by. Filament winding is connected with the support bar together, forming a gap size ideal byconnecting wire resistance to.

The filter element is firm in structure, drawing high strength, anti extrusion characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, no blockage, easy to wash.

        Stainless steel water cap

Stainless steel water cap is mainly used for liquid and solid separation or gas and solid separation,to prevent the filter medium (sand, resin, catalyst, silicate, active carbon) erosion. It is commonly used as a collector and distributor, for desalting device, water softener, and pressure and gravitysand filter. In the collection or distribution of liquid or gas in the process, the quantity and distribution of water cap design to achieve particular flow.

Through flow area, not affected by temperature, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, easy to replace, advantages of environmental safety and reliable, can make up theplastic cap intensity difference, pressure resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistanceperformance is poor, lack of easy to rupture.


        Middle water distributor

Huawei filtration stainless steel trapezoidal wire discharge device is made of stainless steeltrapezoidal wire wound tube type filter element for discharge device, can replace stainless steelpipe openings wrapped in polyester nets old-fashioned branch. This product circulation area, the water distribution uniformity, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance have been greatly improved.

Middle pipe according to the need to have a variety of forms, the figure ten, fishbone, straight,widely used in power plants, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, sewage treatment, watertreatment equipment water plant and other industries, is the key component of water and water device in water treatment equipment, used in Mechanical filter and ion exchanger especially widely.