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Filter, filter bag, filter consumables and accessories
The company's long-term supply of high-quality filtration supplies, complete specifications, wide adaptability.
100% factory testing, and reliable performance.
Is widely used in water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, bio-engineering, microelectronics and other industries.
 1,cross filter categories:
PP solvent spray filter
Wound filter wick
Activated carbon filter core
Microporous folded filter
Titanium Filter
Ceramic filt
 2.filter bags category:
1, type:
Nylon single-screen filter bag
Steel ring bag sewing needle felt line
All hot-melt welding plastic ring bag
Oil Bag
2, Material:


 PE polyester single-sided heat treatment acupuncture
 PP polypropylene needle felt carpet-sided heat
 MO nylon monofilament
 Nylon multi-wire
 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Bag
All of the above filter supplies complete specifications, special models can be customized are welcome to inquire.

The Company perennial high-quality filters with sufficient spare parts, spare parts, according to the customer's needs can be shipped at any time.