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Softener, mixed-bed
Ion-exchange series
I. softener
       Softener is a professional in the most conventional water treatment equipment. It is mainly used to reduce the water hardness, alkalinity and anion and cation, making it a soft water or deionized water. Its shell with high-quality 304 stainless steel, carbon steel rubber lined steel or glass, built-in strong or weak type-type anion and cation exchange resin and macroporous resin, as Yin, Yang bed or organic cleaning device. 
Fully automatic softener, also known as sodium ion exchanger, Na-type resin to the water of calcium and magnesium ions replace them, reducing the calcium and magnesium ions produced content, so that the water is not easy to form carbonate and sulfate scale. It is the most widely used water treatment applications, is a high-water system to take the necessary equipment.
      In the raw water pretreatment can be applied to remove water calcium and magnesium ions, as a reflection thoroughly, electrodialysis, ion exchange pretreatment levels before the device can be reduced to water hardness: ≤ 0.05mgN / L (0.05PPm to CaCO3 dollars) recycled resin requires a 10% brine, with manual, automatic regeneration in two ways for users to choose, automatically renewable time to use imported automatic header-based or flow type, with a regeneration system to protect reverse osmosis membrane modules, membrane electrodialysis, ion exchange resin, to extend their useful life.
       Fully automatic soft water equipment is the company's design and production of high-quality, intelligent, fully automatic soft water equipment, control valve part of the full range of imports from the United States, the overall structure and related components developed by the company's matching. The product is the introduction of new control valve at the same time, fully integrate our water quality characteristics, design specifications and actual operating experience. Device configuration serialization, production of water reasonable design, scope, easy style. Is a contemporary international advanced level, to adapt to our conditions of use of a new generation of water softener.
       This product can be used for various types of heating, heating, gas boiler water softening treatment; all kinds of underground water softening, water treatment, heat exchanger, water supply, supply water softening treatment; central air conditioning, refrigeration units circulating water softening treatment; petroleum, chemical, rubber and other industries using soft water treatment process; RO desalted water, filtering pre-processing; high hardness softening treatment.
● Automatic operation, the water stability
Import Control Valve has fully achieved the regeneration of water softening and systems at all stages of the automatic conversion. Equipment after installation, simply on a regular basis can join the regeneration agent under the conditions in automatic continuous supply of quality soft water.
● Reliable
Engineering plastics, and copper manufacturing control valve control valve has a very high reliability and durability, multi-valve concentrated one, the removal of artificial and other factors, valve service life of the main components of up to several decades.
● easy installation, compact structure
The advanced design process to make soft water equipment, compact structure, covers an area decreased significantly. Just install the foundation level, no special requirements can be flexibly arranged according to the actual situation in the venue, save construction investment.
● anti-corrosion, anti-pollution
Glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks and plastic pipes are sturdy and durable, anti-corrosion agent to prevent the exchange of contaminated and system corrosion problems.
● high efficiency, low energy consumption, low running costs
Softener overall design of advanced and reasonable, so that resin exchange capacity can be fully realized. Microelectronic circuits and timer power consumption is very low, precise control of regeneration salt jet device. Therefore, the more general soft water equipment, operating costs greatly reduced.
The main technical indicators for fully automatic water softener
Entrance pressure: 0.2Mpa - 0.6Mpa
Pressure drop: 0.03 - 0.06Mpa
Water hardness: ≤ 0.03mmol / L. (water hardness ≤ 8mmol / L pm)
Ambient temperature: 5 - 50 ℃
Environmental humidity: ≤ 95% (25 ℃)
Power: 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 10W
Regeneration mode: downstream regeneration
Regeneration Control: Flow type / time type / Flow Delay
Resin Type: 001 × 7 strong acid cation resin, styrene-type
Working exchange capacity: 1000N/M3 resin
Equipment energy consumption indicators: recycled water consumption "2%