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Single-bag filter
       The principle of multi bag filter equipment

Huawei filter bag filter body is mainly composed of three parts: the filter container, supporting thebasket and the filter bag. According to the traffic requirements can use more than one bag in a single machine, liquid enters from the side of a vessel or below the filter liquid inlet, the filter bag issupported above the basket into the bag, the bag for liquid impact and uniform pressure surface,the liquid material in the filter bag can be found on the surface of uniform distribution, the liquidthrough the filter bag along the metal support basket wall, discharged from the bottom of the filterliquid outlet. Filter out impurities are trapped in the filter bag, filter process.

Replace or clean the filter bag, just loosen the ring bolt, rotating the handwheel lifting cover, can be removed. Multi bag filter has the characteristics of large capacity, large amount of contaminant,obvious filtration effect, simple operation, low cost operation.

        Product features

Can be customized for various import and export, the side into the side, the side into the bottom out,into the bottom end.

For any fine particles or suspended matter, filtration precision 1um-1000um optional.

The design flow can meet the requirements of 50 ~ 1000m3/h, low cost.

Unit larger filter area to handle the traffic, filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency.

The material of the equipment according to the material and the environment of SS304, 316Loptional stainless steel, carbon steel used for thermal insulation, shell can be added jacket.






        Main technical parameters

Design pressure:0.6~1.6Mpa
Design temperature:5℃~100℃,More than 100 degrees Celsius to notify
Seal typeO type ring and a flat pad
Sealing materialAcrylonitrile butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, a standard configuration for silica gel sealing
Interface form: GB、HG、DIN、ANSI、JISStandard flange or mouth, quick clamp
The optional:PP、PE、Nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, stainless steel etc.
Replace the pressure difference:0.05MPA
Surface treatmentMatt jet beads, mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing
Filter accuracy:1μm~1000μmOptional
Filter material: SS304 、316L,A jacket

        Multi bag filter specifications

型号 滤袋数量 过滤面积
A B H C 进出口
DH02-2# 2 1 Ø400 1230 250 1680 300 DN80 80 0.6~1.6
DH03-2# 3 1.5 Ø450 1280 280 1750 325 DN100 120 0.6~1.6
DH04-2# 4 2 Ø500 1350 320 1850 350 DN125 160 0.6~1.6
DH05-2# 5 2.5 Ø550 1450 400 1970 400 DN150 250 0.6~1.6
DH06-2# 6 3 Ø600 1460 400 2000 425 DN150 240 0.6~1.6
DH07-2# 7 3.5 Ø650 1610 480 2200 450 DN200 280 0.6~1.6
DH08-2# 8 4 Ø700 1620 480 2230 475 DN200 320 0.6~1.6
DH10-2# 10 5 Ø800 1800 600 2470 525 DN250 360 0.6~1.6
DH12-2# 12 6 Ø850 1810 600 2500 550 DN250 480 0.6~1.6
DH14-2# 14 7 Ø900 2030 750 2765 575 DN300 560 0.6~1.6
DH16-2# 16 8 Ø1000 2045 750 2785 625 DN300 640 0.6~1.6
DH20-2# 20 10 Ø1100 2170 900 3070 675 DN350 800 0.6~1.6
Table number number of the container bag to put up the bag limit, single machine can be 50 above the bag.

The theoretical flow refers to the maximum flow bag initial surface area.

Import and export size, range, the height from the ground can according to use requirements.

Equipment import and export form to do side into the side, the side into the bottom out, into the bottom end of a variety of forms such as. By default the side into the side.