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       PP wirewound filter

Wire wound type filter is a textile fiber (cotton or polypropylene) precision winding in the porousskeleton (PP or SS Kong Guan), filter control filter layer winding density and filter pore shape and made of different filtration accuracy. Can effectively remove the suspended solids in the liquid,particles, the filter can withstand high pressure, filtering aperture and small, deep bed filtration haseffect, good biocompatibility and good filter residue load capacity, available in a variety of materialsto meet the needs of various liquid filtration.~

        Main technical parameters


Filtering accuracy: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, 150 m (m) etc..

Maximum pressure: 0.25MPA

Tolerance to temperature: 80 ℃, 0.28Mpa

Dimension: diameter of phi 70mm; length of 10, 20, 30, 40 inch

The filtration material: cotton, polypropylene

The skeleton material: reinforced polypropylene, stainless steel etc.

        Performance characteristics


Filter layer wrapped outside big and inside small diameter, high quantity of pollutants

The solid-liquid separation is suitable for high solid content and high viscosity liquids;

A higher load capacity of the filter residue;

Filter according to the technical conditions of selection of different material configuration, for a variety of liquid filtration;

The filter can withstand high pressure;

Has good chemical compatibility, applicable to PH1 13;

Through the lining of different material skeleton, with good heat resistance.


        Field of application


Groundwater, water, tap water;

Food and drink water, water for life;

Circulating cooling water, boiler water, ultra pure water filter, oil field workover fluid and water;

Chemical, electroplating, acidic or alkaline solution, solvent, emulsion, washing liquid, the magnetic slurry, polymer, fermentation liquid pharmaceutical products;

Ink, paint, printing ink, photographic film emulsion, syrup

Pure water, electroplating, printing circuit board etc.

Chemical, petroleum and chemical industry: acid, alkali, solvent, such as oral liquid

Film, photographic industry: film, photographic plate making etc.


        PP meltblown filter


PP meltblown filter is made of nontoxic odorless polypropylene particles, tubular filter after heat melting, spinning, drawing, forming and made. Filter pore size and sparse in dense graded structure, has the deep bed filtration, corrupt capability is strong, can effectively remove suspended solids in liquids.

PP meltblown filter not only in the use of large quantities of water purification. Also has the chemicalcompatibility is very good, suitable for acid, alkali and organic solvent filtration. The pollutant carrying capacity, long service life, low cost.

       Main technical parameters


Filtering accuracy: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 (UM)

The filter length: 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch, 40 inch

Suitable pH value: 1 ~ 13

The maximum pressure drop: positive 0.2Mpa 21 

Working temperature: in 0.25Mpa, <65 ° C

Interface type: flat type, 222 type, 226 fin insertion

        Performance characteristics

1, the filtering precision and efficiency, the filter pore size density uniform, filtration efficiency is up to 99%.

2, low filter resistance, pollutant carrying capacity, long service life, long service life, low cost.

3, its high cleanness, no pollution to water, acid and alkali and organic solvents, corrosion.

Hydrophilic 4, has the extremely high, can absorb ten times the weight of the water, it can be used for oil separation.

5, install the correct filter, filter water pollution is found, should carefully check whether the skew,both ends are tightly aligned, pressing.

6, when the pressure reaches 0.2MPa filter should be cleaned or replaced.

Field of application

Water treatment: water filtration, reverse osmosis filtration of RO security

Electronic industry: pre filtering of pure water, ultra pure water.

Pharmaceutical industry: all kinds of injection, and the injection medicine bottle washing water prefiltration, infusion and all kinds of antibiotic, Chinese medicine injection pre filtering.

The food industry: wine, beverage, drinking water filter.

Petroleum and chemical industry: all kinds of organic solvent, acid, alkali, filtering, oil field water filter.