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      LIYANG HUAWEI FILTRATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a professional production of high quality filtration and separation equipment company.Filtration equipment company focused on R & D and production ,Cost-effective products at home and abroad are widely used in many fields. 

      The main products ar:Core-type precision filter (security filter);Bag Filter;Microporous filter;Mechanical Filter;Blue Filter;Pipe filter;Resin Trap;Titanium rod filter;Magnetic Filter; Ion exchange (softening, mixed bed);Sanitary filter;Sterilization of air filter;All kinds of filters,Bag Supplies;Swimming pool circulation and filtering system,To undertake non-standard equipment manufacturing and to map processing. 

       Products are widely used in:Water treatment systems, pharmaceutical biotechnology, food & beverage, textile printing and dyeing, petrochemical, oil paint, precision electronics, thermal power, water reuse, desalination, swimming baths and other industries.Companies rely on professional design, production and after-sales team, equipped with complete production equipment, to a high starting point, high standard of manufacturing technology to provide users with high-quality filtration products. And free for the user to provide technical advice, product design and and optimization. 

       Hua Wei filter always put the quality of products and services as a business fundamental,Enterprise development, the user needs as the driving force,the customer satisfaction as a corporate goal.From the design, production, testing and other links are senior engineers, strict control.Through the scientific and standardized management, make the product more cost effective. Strict quality control system to ensure that every product, every detail will be high quality, safe and reliable. 

       We will be the highest quality products, the most preferential price, the most efficient and careful service to meet customer demand. The use of our products you will feel each part has attentive service, we sincerely welcome the community inquiries!

Pioneering, innovation, based on market development

High-quality, efficient and service users intentions